Welcome to Penrith Swimming Club


Swimming starts on Friday 13th October 2017

 Where:     Penrith Pool, Station Street, Penrith  -  Opposite Nepean Square.
 Time:        6.45pm – 1st Race Starts at 7pm 

Ripples Penrith is also supporting us to promote this program.

Cost:         $80 for Membership for Swimmers. $30 for Non-Swimmers and 17metre Assisted Swimmers.                    New swimmers are permitted to swim for 2 weeks before they have to join the Club – great                          way to try out before deciding.

Distances: Start from 17metre for Assisted Swimmers - we call them Bubble Races –
                      Other Distances start from 25 metres up to the longer distances as per your swimming                               capability.

Further information can be obtained on our website:-
Email penrithswim@hotmail.com

Enquiries; email penrithswim@hotmail.com or facebook.com/penrithswim (please like the page to get regular updates)