Welcome to Penrith Swimming Club


Swimming starts on Friday 9th October 2015.

Where: Penrith Pool, Station Street, Penrith - Opposite Nepean Square. 

Time: 6.45pm – 1st Race Starts at 7pm

Cost:FREE for the first 2 weeks.

Then, if you decide you want to join the cost is $70 for Membership for Swimmers. $25 for Non-Swimmers. – and 17metre Assisted Swimmers

If you are 7 years and Under, for this year only Swimming NSW is paying the Membership for those who join our Club as part of its Pilot Dolphin Program to encourage youngsters to enjoy the sport of swimming.

Ripples Penrith is also supporting us to promote this program.

Note: You will have to pay entry into the Pool each week, plus for each Club Race you enter.

Distances: Start from 17metre for Assisted Swimmers up to the longer distances as per your swimming capability.

Meeting Date

Next meeting to be held on Feburary 23rd at 7pm, at the quaterdeck at Penrith Pool   


Enquiries; email penrithswim@hotmail.com or facebook.com/penrithswim (please like the page to get regular updates)